Awakened Minds : TV Series Ebook

Two people who are brought together by the mutual interest of exploring the minds potential, but when faced with their awakened energies, the balance between dimensions is disturbed and jeopardises the life of Isabelle and the world around her, unless her daughter, Annabelle, can restore what has been lost.

What does it mean to awaken your mind? Maybe it is to really see things that most people don’t, or become open to receiving more than we already know. I am here to awaken you on a journey that will have you exploring dimensions, questioning where your dreams could really take you, and most importantly – where is Isabelle?

Awaked Minds : Turning my TV series idea into an Ebook

Awakened Minds is my newest project that I have been working on since October 2019. It first started out as an idea, and then after watching many masterclass session on Shonda Rhimes’ ‘Writing for TV’ course, I had the impulse to write a tv series for it. When I was at university I studied scriptwriting and have always had the desire to write a series but never had an idea where the story could just pour out of me; until this one. I was inspired by yoga, the minds potential, and interesting ideologies about there being different dimensions or frequencies we can’t see but there is a way some people do. Soon enough I was buying books, going to yoga 2-3 times a week, and watching TV or Documentaries surrounding the topic. Being able to do research and then put my own imagination into it really helped me explore the potential of where this story could lead to.

Soon enough I found myself one pilot episode later and a storyboard for the whole series written. I set out on a mission to get this produced and have had lot of ups and downs, mainly trying to find financing and to get attention as a nobody. But like anything I do, I don’t give up.

Lockdown has been a blessing and a curse in many ways. One being that the film industry came to a complete halt, meaning I was not going to find funding let alone film anything anytime soon. However, it did give me the time to sit down and write an Ebook introducing the story and the adventures you are to expect from the first series (when, fingers crossed, it does see the screen). It has been a lot of hard work, learning experience, and a massive accomplishment. This is my second self-published book (my first being a children’s book) and is by no means perfect, but I hope to share the story and continue to work towards my dream of producing it to screen.

If you are interested to learn more about the story and are ready to be awakened — Click the link below(:

If you do purchase it, be sure to tell me what you think and share– tagging @AwakenedMindsTV!

Explore the possibility to see something more…

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