Are you a creative person? Then you’ll want to read this!

Are you a creative person? A writer, musician, actor, dancer, or even a filmmaker wanting to share your talent or story with the world? Well, now you can! I’m inviting you to share your creativity with a chance for a featured spot on Double-J-Creative.

If this sounds like you, keep reading for information below!

Who can submit?

Anyone! Whether you are just starting out, had your break through moment, or famous it doesn’t matter I welcome everyone and anyone.

What should I submit?

By submitting I will feature your work in a blog post depending on what you want to submit. This can be anything from video footage (whether that be of your talent, film, or link to youtube) , agreeing to be interviewed about your time in the industry, promoting your project or simply sharing ideas.


I want to use my blog to create a community of creatives where we support each others work and help each other grow. This industry can be harsh at times with rejection and so much competition, but by coming together and sharing our talents we can support one another. I myself have known the struggle of having a project I care so passionately about but don’t have the launching pad or community to share my ideas with. So now, I’d like to share my projects with you as you share yours with not just to me but everyone we reach. Together we can be heard and share our creativity with the world.

All new featured post will be available every Friday. If you feel you would like to share, get in touch!

**Please note that all material will still be yours and will only be shared in a blog post that you are agreeing to.

Don’t forget to subscribe and follow if you wish to keep up to date with the latest posts(:

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