Positive benefits of journaling & why you should start today

Journaling is seriously underestimated when it comes to ways that can positively impact your well-being and everyday life. Now I know what you may be thinking, “dear diary, blah blah blah”, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Journaling comes from you and your expression. There are many different ways — bullet journal, daily gratitude, a dream journal or just writing down how your day went and what you are feeling. Positive benefits can come from any, whatever your style.

I have been journaling for 6 six years now. I actually have a box full of journals filled with written pages. At first it started out as tracking my daily activities and the exciting thing I got up to, but over time I used it as an outlet to say things on my mind I wanted to let go of that I didn’t want to tell anyone else. Sometimes things are best kept to yourself and you don’t feel you want to share, that is completely normal! But it also isn’t the best idea to keep them bottled up either, that is where journaling can come in and play a beneficial role.

So, what are the benefits? Well, here are 5 ways it can help.

  1. Reduces Stress – At times it can feel as though we are running at a thousand miles per hour, or thanks to Covid, maybe just stress of the unknown. Journaling can be a good destress activity because you are able to release everything consuming you mind onto the page. Just let it all flow right out of you without a thought and it will help clear some of the anxiety and worry you’ve been bottling up inside.
  2. Improves Gratitude and Wellbeing – When is the last time you reflected on how blessed and fortunate you are? We sometimes forget with all the constant pressure to have the latest product or to be more successful, but honestly if you have a roof over your head and food on your plate you are already rich in more ways than you realise. By writing down things you are grateful for everyday you will see that sometimes the smallest things in life can take up the most in our hearts. Reflect on what you are grateful for and see how your mindset improves.
  3. Improves problem solving – If there is something weighing on you that you cannot quite figure out, just start writing. The more you write and let things just flow without a thought you are able to realise what the problem is. Writing things out is a great way to see all the pieces come together to solve a problem.
  4. Improves Creativity – Have an idea? Write it down! Scribbles, notes, anything. You don’t have to make your journal pretty. Use it to jot down anything that comes to mind and who knows maybe a year or two down the line you might pursue it as a story for a book or a screenplay. (See in an earlier post how this helped me create my Children’s book)
  5. Puts you in touch with your emotions – Most of the time we are always putting our best self forward, not wanting to let anyone see us cry or know something is wrong. If we suppress these emotions though you are denying basic human feelings. It is okay to cry, to be angry or scared about situations. Yes, it is great to be happy all the time and we want to believe we can be, but there also comes a point where we do need to feel down in the dumbs. It’s natural, and if you don’t believe me go watch Disney’s Inside out. However, if you don’t want people to know write it out and get in touch with what you are feeling inside. Have a cry if you need to, I promise you will feel 10X better after. Get to know yourself and what makes you feel the best and what doesn’t. Understanding where your feelings and emotions come from can also help you see where you need to improve parts of your life to usher in more happiness.

So there you have it. I hope these tips help you see that journaling can be a great addition to your daily routine. It doesn’t have to be an essay, just maybe a few words or sentences. It also doesn’t have to make sense, it’s only for you so do what you want with it. I have to say some days I write 4-5 pages and others I barely make a page and I just write down goals, what I am grateful for, and nonsense.

I challenge you grab a cup of coffee, or tea, (really what ever your preferred beverage is) and take 10 minutes everyday to start journaling. It’s not a lot of time to dedicate yourself to it, and hey you may find you really enjoy it and write longer!

If you need some more inspiration I have put together a Pinterest board full of creative ideas on journaling to get you started! Check it out in the link below.


Happy journaling!

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2 thoughts

  1. This post accurately reflects the therapeutic benefits of writing things down. I do much the same – a daily journal (which could reflect any of what you have described); a spiral-bound notebook that I never leave home without; and I have a pile of notepaper which I go through periodically to find interesting notes, half-written stories or articles – and even the raw emotions felt in times past. The very act of writing is, I find, very important.


    • Thank you so much! It’s great to hear that you enjoy journaling. I do the same sometimes and it’s amzing to see what you discover from your past self and how you’ve grown. Happy writing (:


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