Creative block? Exercise your imagination

Do you ever find yourself in a creative block? Need some helpful tips getting your imagination flowing again? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I will be sharing some ways you can try to inspire ideas and stay creative.

Top 5 ways to exercise your imagination

  1. Go for a walk! — (my personal favourite) Sometimes getting out and clearing your head is exactly what you need to stimulate the mind. Get a breathe of fresh air and clear the stale ideas.
  2. Read Books — Have you picked up a new book lately? Reading activates the imagination and allows your mind to travel to new places without leaving your home. I suggest getting an adventure or fantasy book(:
  3. Adopt more creative habits — Put your creativity to the test and pick up new ways to stretch your imagination. Things could include baking, dancing, painting, crafts, photography, etc. Get that creativity flowing! You never know what habit could inspire another.
  4. Do something new — Stuck in the same old routine can have your ideas and creativity stagnate. Trying something new can open your eyes to new ideas and new perspectives.
  5. Be curious! — Ask questions, observe details, wander the usual path to somewhere new. Alice and Wonderland would have never found wonderland without a little bit of curiosity! You never know where it can take you.

There are many more ways to stay creative, but here are a few to get you going and jumpstart your imagination back. Lockdown has been difficult, even I have even noticed my creativity dwindling, but by switching things up or watching a new tv series it can give your imagination the boost it needs.

If you are interested in more ideas and ways to help you stay creative I have created an “Exercise your Imagination” board on my Pinterest linked below(:

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Have a great day, and get creative!

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