Must have books for actors!

Lockdown has been a really good time to reflect and learn new ways to improve your craft, and while classes and workshops mainly stopped (unless they operated on zoom), a few books I got were just as useful to further my understanding on acting techniques, auditioning and what it’s like when you get on set. Check out these must have books below! All books can be purchased on Amazon and if you click on the picture below it will take you there(:

*Audition by Michael Shurtleff is a great book for getting you prepared for an audition, because lets be honest who isn’t always wondering how they can improve their audition to book the role? He goes over 12 ‘guideposts’ to help you deliver the best audition you can! I have recently been reading this book and it has opened my eyes to so many little things I can be improving for when my next audition comes.

“Everything an actor needs to know to get the part”

*Sanford Meisner on Acting. Meisner is one of the best known acting teachers widely known in American theatre. This book follows a fifteen month acting class and gives you insight from acting exercises to polishing a scene. Although it is theatre based, if you are more focused on Film & TV acting I still highly recommend, as Meisner does a brilliant job exploring how to evoke emotion and bring the truthfulness of a scene — which ever actor needs.

*Action! by Robert Benedetti Switching to camera acting? Or maybe you just need a more detailed approach to the fundamentals. Whether you are just starting out or you are experienced looking for a little extra to add, this book will give you professional advice from an award-winning producer and acting teacher that will help you build your acting career for the camera. Prepare for when you book that audition and get onset. I personally have loved reading this book and how it has given me a better idea of the process from call sheets, blocking for the camera to the final call of Action!

I own all three of these books and can attest that they are worth having. Each give a brilliant understanding of acting on different levels – from the art of acting, auditioning and finally getting in front of the camera.

If you are stuck without classes or just need some extra reading, be sure to check them out before your next audition.

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Have a great weekend x

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