Disney+ : Top Picks

Have you got DisneyPlus yet? If not, you are missing out on the thousands of TV, films, shorts and MORE! From National Geographic, Disney Channel, Marvel and the Classics, fill you evening with fun entertainment for you or the whole family.

Disney+ released in March of this year (earlier if you are located in the US) and I’m sure we can all agree it eased some of the pain during lockdown. With Disney creating new content directly for the platform, with the addition of previous content, there is a wide range for all ages to enjoy. Whether you want to reminisce in your childhood year of Disney Channel, or jump into something new, this platform has got you covered.

I was quite excited for the platform to launch that my best friend and I actually pre-ordered our subscription. Being a previous Disney Life streaming member, I was envious of all the new content coming out and the access to more brands. I’ll be sharing some of my top picks of what I started watching first.

Disney+ Watch List

Some of my Disney+ Watch List Picks
  • High School Musical The Musical : Okay, there is really no surprise here. I grew up watching the High School Musical films and I am not afraid to say I was obsessed. From singing ‘when there was me and you’ for my first grade talent show, to carrying around the HSM2 song book at the playground literally memorising all the songs. Fun fact : I got to audition for High School Musical 4 and made it into a call back in Dallas, TX. Unfortunately, the film never got made, but I will say that making a spin off tv series to honour the HSM legacy was a great way to go! I especially like that it has a more matured nature than what is usually aired on Disney Channel.
  • Short Circuit : Back at university I got the opportunity to learn from Amy Davis in two modules; History of American Animation, and Disney Studies. Both have definitely strengthened my appreciation of the two, and I have a new fascination with animation and the process of how it’s made. Short Circuits is a series of experimental films created by talented artists at the studio where anyone can pitch an idea, with a chance of getting it created. I’ve loved getting to watch these amazing shorts in all different styles of animation coming to life. It inspires my imagination and makes me want to be able to make my own. (I need to learn how to draw and animate first though lol) *Note: Into the Unknown Making Frozen 2 is another highly recommended series if you are interested in the process of animation.
  • Prop Culture : I have watched a few of these now and it is amazing to go into the back-story of some of the set props from the Disney films, discovering where they came from, where they are and what makes them so special.
  • Togo : I have already watched this twice and both times I cried my eye out at the end. This is a beautiful story about the overlooked pup , Togo, who was a champion dog sledder in 1925. You may have heard the story of Balto completing the journey to retrieve a medicine for the epidemic in Alaska at the time, but you may have overlooked the dog who actually ran 264 miles during the relay. 20 dog sleds participated in the relay only averaging 31 miles compared to Togo. This a truly heartwarming, adventurous and inspiring story I recommend giving a watch. Make sure to grab a box of tissues.
  • Disney Insider : Go behind the scenes of the Walt Disney Studio like never before! This is a really cool series that unveils a variety of topics within the park, movies, music, destinations and more. Each episode, averaging around nineteen minutes or so, goes over three different topics for you to explore and learn more about. It a great way to get an inside scoop of the inner workings of the Studio.
  • Mickey Mouse : Because who doesn’t love some classic cartoons on a weekend morning? The mouse is back in an all new series that started in 2013-2017. They are very short, but sure to make you smile and brighten your morning, even if you only have 2-3 minutes.
Sunday Morning Healthy Oat Pancakes & Cartoons

While I could go on and on about all of my favourite tv and films on the platform, I’ll keep it brief. I do watch a lot of Disney Channel, Original Movies and more, but these were my first go to’s for the new content on the platform. I love to learn and watch documentaries, with the occasional light hearted cartoon series here and there. So grab that cosy blanket and maybe sink into something new this weekend on Disney+.

What are you watching on Disney+ ? I’d love to hear from you and get more recommendations!

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