Disney : Favourite Disney Princess Animated Film

This week I am featuring my favourite Disney Princess animated film, I say princess film because it narrows down the selection, other wise it would be too hard. But anyway, drum roll please…

Beauty and the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast Lego construction Downtown Disney, CA

Released: 1991

Genre: Musical

Awards : Academy Award Best Original Score

Now, of course I love the recent live-action with Emma Watson, but I’m a sucker for the classic and original animated feature. I remember in second grade we had a ‘show and tell’ day and I brought my Mrs. Potts tea set and dressed up in my Belle costume. Out of all the Disney princesses, I’ve always felt most like Belle because of her curiosity to explore and how she is not like other girls. Still to this day, I love listening to the soundtrack and curling up at night with the film.

Beauty and the Beast Fun Facts :

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (1991)
  • Belle was the second princess (first being Cinderella) to not be royal by birth
  • The Beast is a mixture of animals : Bear, Buffalo, Gorilla, Lion, Boar and Wolf. All these animals can be identified on different part of his body. For example, his arms, claws and body resemble those of a bear.
  • The prologue was written 200 times to get the opening of the film just right.
  • First animated film to be nominated for Academy Award in Best Picture, sadly it didn’t win, but it did win an Academy Award for Best Original Score.
  • The song ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (sung by Angela Lansbury) was recorded in just one take
  • Next time you watch the film have a look at the sign post Maurice runs into in the forest, you just might recognise so familiar names. (hint: Burbank, Anaheim, Valencia)
  • The ballroom scene where Beauty and the Beast had their first dance was choreographed from the scene from Sleeping Beauty.
  • Beauty and the Beast was Disney’s first musical on Broadway and premiered on Palace Theatre in 1994.

Exciting news!!

Beauty and the Beast WDW Live Performance

A few years ago my mum gave me her original Beauty and the Beast jacket she got when she saw it on Broadway. I have always wanted to see the live-stage performance and I have so far seen Disney’s Lion King, Aladdin, Mary Poppins, Newsies and soon Frozen (2021). BUT I am very excited to say that for all my UK friends out there it will be officially coming her next year on tour! I am beyond excited to finally get a chance to see it come to life, and maybe even be apart of it with castings going on right now ( fingers crossed my singing voice is up to par).

Make sure you set your email alerts for when tickets go on sale by visiting the Disney Website.

Get in touch!

What’s your favourite Disney film? I’d love to hear! Don’t hesitate to get in touch and share your love for Disney. I am also always open for collaborations.

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Source: Disney and OhmyDisney

5 thoughts

  1. I don’t know if I can pick my favorite Disney film. I have already seen three musicals in person.

    1. Lion King
    2. Aladdin
    3. Newsies

    I would have added Frozen, but that pandemic got that musical postponed

    In terms of movies: I grew up with a lot of the classic Disney movies. Also love the live action films

    1. Aladdin (live action)
    2. Beauty and the Beast (live action)
    3. Lion King- the animated film is so much better than the live action
    4. Cinderella
    5. Jungle Book- in particular the live action
    6. Maleficent
    7. Frozen
    8. etc—-the list continues

    Liked by 1 person

      • We all grow up on Disney. It is a part of our childhood, and as adults, we still love them.

        Frozen was something I couldn’t keep my tickets for- I am to wait till it tours back to Charlotte. I usually can never watch a original cast- I might live in the US, but a bit too far away from NYC. So at least Charlotte has Blumenthal Performing Arts.


      • I actually have been to both Broadway and The West End, but only once for both.

        August 2006- This was just a trip to NYC with only my mom. That was when I first saw Wicked

        July 30th, 2015- Les Mis in the West End. Just like with Wicked, a date with my mom. While my mom and I were watching Les Mis, my dad and sister got their own date


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