Morning Routine for a Productive Day

Let’s talk about routine. During COVID lockdown, I’m sure most of us can agree that any routine we did have was thrown out the window and the days have started to feel merged together. Personally, as someone who is use to routine and sticking to schedules, I can definitely relate and have had a very strange couple months trying to get back into some “normality”.

But things are starting to get moving more, people beginning work again and things trying to go back to routine. It can be difficult to get start new habits, but I’ve put together a simple morning routine suitable for anyone looking for a way they can jumpstart their morning again! A good start to the morning is great way to set up the day and get you motivated to do all that you want to achieve. You can adjust to how you like, and what feels right for you.

Below, is recently how I’ve been starting the day and I have noticed a nice flow. I have a yoga matt in my room, so as soon as I’ve drunk my water, I love to stretch out on it and do a little morning flow before I sit down to work. I usually only work from about 8.30-10.30am answering emails and getting all the important tasks out of the way before getting out for some fresh air and stretching my legs. I feel it is so important to get out earlier in the day and then maybe again before nightfall. I honestly can’t sit still all day, so this breaks it up for me and it helps me generate ideas or think clearer on what needs to be done later.

A little tip: Try and write down your daily to-do’s the night before so you have a clear vision of what the day entails. Even better, right the whole week on Sunday (goals, errands, appointments, etc. ). I am a firm believer in writing down goals to achieve them.

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