Disney : Hidden Secrets at WDW

Cinderella Castle WDW

Welcome to Disney creative Monday’s! First off I would like to just say how much I am thinking of all those 28,000 people who have recently lost their jobs at the parks. It is so sad to hear, and I am wishing everyone well and hope one day they will have their chance to return to the magic. I know how important how each and everyone’s job at the park pays a special role in creating a memorable experience at Disney. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

For todays post, I thought I would like to share some of the clever Disney secrets hidden throughout the park you can keep your eye out for next time. The Imagineers at Disney are creative and love to leave a little something behind to either make their mark or giving it that detailed touch of magic. Here are a few I’ll point out for you:

Disney Hidden Secrets

  • Cinderella’s Castle, secret suite – I will admit, I have long wanted to stay here! Unfortunately it is only open to sweepstake winners and very special guests. It is beautifully decorated inside, and even has a jacuzzi. Fun Fact : It was originally made for Walt’s family to stay in, but he passed away before WDW was finished.
  • Secret Tunnels underneath Disney – Ever wonder how cast members and characters get from one place to another without being seen? Secret tunnels are located below the park to allow cast members to easily move throughout the parks. There are dressing rooms, cafeterias, prop storage and things guests would never think of seeing. The underground tunnels were originally thought of so that guests were undisturbed throughout their experience.
  • Forced Perspective – I talked about this in one of my earlier posts about Main Street U.S.A, but Disney uses this technique to make some buildings look bigger than they actually are. One example is Cinderella Castle. Ever notice how the bricks become increasingly smaller as you climb to the top?
  • Old-fashioned Telephone Secret Chat – At the end of Main Street their is a Hat Shop with a telephone. Next time you are there, pick it up and you may heat a conversation going on.
  • Hidden Mickey’s – Throughout the park there are MANY hidden Mickey’s. How many can you find?
  • EPCOT a Real Working Community – Did you know that Walt was designing EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) to be an actual community for people to live in and work on projects to help the future? I wouldn’t have mind living there.

These are just a few to the MANY magical secrets at Disney. My sister gave me a book for my birthday one year called, ‘The Hidden Magic of Disney World‘. If you would like to read more, and prepare to point out some hidden secrets next time you are there, I highly recommend.

Hidden Magic of WDW – Susan Veness

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That is all for now, have a great week (:

Sources : Disney

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