Physique : 2 Weeks Left!

Welcome back to another Feature Friday. I am yet again going to sponsor my current film because we only have 2 weeks left to get this funded and we need your help!

Are you passionate about mental health and spreading awareness? Then this film is for you. Physique is about supporting mental health and the struggles young dancers have with body image and eating disorders. You can now check Physique out on IMDb. 

What you need to know

My recent credit was an associate producer on The Nightriders and we exceeded our crowdfunding goal. I have a short film in Aesthetica Film Festival 2020 and am an Award-Winning Dancer

Also, on my project is Clair Gleave who is an Award-Winning TV and Film actress, dancer and choreographer. Check out her Youtube video for more:

Adam, our producer, has IMDb credits from high-budget films and currently worked on Sikh Soldier. 

What inspired me to create this project was my own personal struggles with this matter, and also the urge to speak up.  Hopefully, it will inspire many other young dancers that they are more than their physique.

We have already generated interest from film festivals and production companies that wish to help us when we get it made, so if you are willing to help, any support you are able to give us is greatly appreciated. 


We cannot do this without your help. Your donation is put towards providing jobs to crew + cast, transportation, choreography and locations to film at. But remember, you get perks in return and will have the opportunity to join in on the journey.

Why your Donation matters


Shoutout on Social Media

Feed a member of crew

Digital Download

Signed poster

Physique Exclusive Member

Associate or Executive Producer

If you are a company or organisation that would like to sponsor or donate a larger contribution you will have the opportunity to put your company logo in the credits , which may be beneficial when we make our film festival circuit all over the world for the 2021 circuit.

So, if you have just 5 minutes please read through our crowdfund page and consider donating. Alternatively, if you would like to donate via Paypal you can do so here. Time is limited, so don’t miss out on supporting today (:

Indiegogo Page –

Physique Short Film Donations

All donations will go towards making the short film Perk with this donation : Digital Download

25.00 £

Physique Short Film

Perk Associated with this donation : Digital Download + Tshirt

50.00 £

Physique Short film

Perk Associated with this donation : Signer poster, digital download, signed script

100.00 £

Physique Short Film

Perk associated with this donation : Join the team and be apart of the journey every step of the way with perks such as a one of the kind member t-shirt, behind the scenes footage, signed copy of the script, a shoutout on media, first one to hear updates and a digital download when the film has made its film festival run.

175.00 £

Physique Short film

Perk Assiciated with this perk – Executive Producer

2000.00 £

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