Disney Plus: Top 3 New Things to Watch

Hello! Hope everyone is staying well in this second lockdown and you’re not getting too bored, or ran out of shows to watch yet. I have to say, the last couple weeks have been very busy because of my new project Physique and a few other film projects I am working on, but that is not to say I don’t love my down time to catch up on a few Disney Plus.

So, if you are struggling to find something new to watch, let me share a few that I’ve been binging lately in my free time.

Disney Plus Recent Favourites Top 3

  • The Right Stuff – I got through this series SOOO fast and I am ready for more! It is a scripted drama surrounding the events of the space race and getting the first man up before the Soviet Union did. I use to live in Houston, TX, where the famous NASA is stationed, and have actually been there to tour around for a day. I have always been fascinated with space and have a love for TV and Films that surround the topic. If this is something you are interested in, I highly recommend starting. Although some events and situations are heightened for dramatic viewing, it may spark an interest to learn more about the subject and learn something you may have not known before!
  • Inside Pixar – Okay, I just recently started watching this one and I really like it. The series, The Making of Frozen 2 (also on Disney Plus), pulled me into another world of what really goes on behind the scenes to make these beautifully animated film we all love so much come to life, that has made me want to see more of that content. Lately, I have found that I have a hunger for knowledge and knowing how things get done – but I also think that is because I am becoming more and more emerged into the industry myself and am very interested.
  • Becoming – Have you ever wondered how your favourite celebrity got their start or what their journey was? This is a fascinating series about just that! With each episode highlighting someone different, you will see that no ones journey is the same and we all have that special moment where we come into the spotlight. As an actress myself, it can feel that everyone is booking this and that, so it is nice to see that every has their own way to whatever their success may be.

There you have it – my top 3 recent watches. What are yours? I’d like to know, so be sure to comment below.

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