St. Patrick’s Day Creative Activities

St. Patrick’s day is almost here and I’ve got some creative ways to help you celebrate! Whether you are an artist, photographer, foodie or just like to get crafty – creative ideas for everyone! 

For the Artist in You 

Get the paint ready, it’s time to get a little messy! This one is more for kids, but who doesn’t like embracing their inner child sometimes and just be fun for a bit? 

For the Instagram lovers

Spice up your social media with some seasonal content! One of my favourite instagram influencers at the moment is @madcrayy, not only because she is so creative in her posts, but because she takes inspiration from the time of the year and themes her posts – one of them being St. Patrick’s day! She has some great photo ideas to check out! 

For the Foodie’s in the World 

What better way to celebrate a holiday than with holiday themed food? One go to that never fails, sugar cookies! An easy, but still creative way to feel festive. Get some clover cookie cutters and green frosting, and voila! 

Sugar Cookie St. Patrick’s Day

But if you are more on the healthy side (like me) a fun smoothie bowl with colourful fruit on the top in a shape of a rainbow does nicely too. 

For the Crafty Person in You 

Personally, I love crafts, maybe because I’m not the best at drawing. Just give me some paper, scissors and any other supplies I can get my hands on and I could be crafting away for hours! 

DIY Shamrock clover string art sign decor! This activity is great for both adult and kids. 

These are just a few ideas to get you started and maybe give you some inspiration to get in the festive mood!

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