Grow Your Film Career with these 5 Books

Trying to make your break in the industry? Or maybe you are already in the industry but need a little extra knowledge to help you migrate to a new position? 

Here are my top books to start reading that can help! 

Over lockdown I found it very difficult that I had to stop doing what I loved, acting. But I also found it prime time to gain valuable insight on other roles I would like to potentially take on in the industry. I got really into Youtube videos, networking sessions through zoom and training courses, but nothing is like picking up a good book and having all the tips and advice at your figure tips to reference again and again. 

I’ve always struggled with the question “what exactly do I want to do?” Acting has always been a no-brainer, but it is also not reliable (never give up!). However, I don’t want to leave the film industry either because it is an industry I feel so passionately for. At university, I found that I really loved scriptwriting and also really great at pre-production. Some of these books I will mention below have really helped me understand each role and where I can apply my skills best. So, if you are struggling I highly recommend checking a few of them out to help you find the role you are most suited too. 

Top 5 Book Picks!

Producer to Producer – Thinking of becoming a producer one day, or are making your own films? This is a great manual to get you going! From pre-production, budgeting & finance, and distribution – this book has got it all! You can even get free downloadable templates. 

Digital Filmmaking Handbook – I got this book quite recently, and I am so glad I did! It is filled with so much information from equipment to use, creating a great script, pre-production step, film, and so on! I am one of those people that finds it so important to know everyone’s role in the industry, even if just at a basic level so that you can understand the film process more. As a producer, I’ve noticed this significantly helps.

Action! – There is an actress and a crew one of these books, so make sure you get the right one. Or if you are like me, get both! This is a very helpful guide to navigating your career in the film industry. A breakdown of each role, CV tips, looking for jobs, and what to expect when you are on set. 

Making Your Own Movie – I refer to this quite a lot and could be very useful to aspiring filmmakers, especially during COVID. Take 39 steps to creating your first film, which could be completely on your phone! Also, there are some helpful templates in the back of the book to refer to, as well as film suggestions. 

Poldark : The Complete Scripts : Recently I have been rewatching the Poldark series, and I am a sucker for period dramas. I was so excited when I saw they had a book with the complete scripts so that I could follow along as I watch the series to see the translation from script to screen. If Poldark isn’t your thing, I still highly recommending reading scripts. Whether that is from online download (check out Shore Scripts) or finding books like this one. 

These are just a few I have, but I am sure there are plenty more!! I am constantly on the lookout for more helpful books to add to my collection so if you have a suggestion drop it in the comments. ⤵️

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