Resources for Actors

Are you an actor? Well then this post is for you.

It can be overwhelming with picking the right classes, headshot photographer, news articles, etc. BUT over the years I have been able to find my ‘go to’ websites and resources that have helped me. So below I will make a list of my top sites and tools I use as an actor that will hopefully help some people just starting out.


Backstage – Founded in 1960, has been a great resource for all those in the industry, from casting to news and helpful articles. You can sign up for a subscription and apply to castings, or you can visit their site for useful articles on a range of topics! I had the pleasure of attending a Zoom event with Backstage and listen in on a Q&A with a casting director. You can find all of their videos on their Youtube channel as well if you ever miss one.

WeAudition – This is a great website I have recently discovered, thanks the the 98% Podcast. If you are stuck for a reader it’s no problem, easily find someone suitable to be your reader or make money yourself by being available to others. There is also casting calls, advice and support. Be sure to check it out and if you want a discount code, check out my Featured Friday post with the 98% podcast;)

Spotlight – Okay, so many actors will be familiar with this one, or are on it if they have an agent, but besides it being a platform for your profile and casting submissions, there are many things you can utilise. I regularly check out their blog and Youtube channel. If you are a member you are also eligible for discounts – who doesn’t love a little money off?

Masterclass – This is subscription based, but you have the option to pay for one class or unlimited for a year. Personally, I would go with the unlimited for a year because there are so many amazing classes you can take advantage of. There are several categories, but for this particular post, I explored the tv/film genre. I learned from Natalie Portman on acting, Shonda Rhimes on TV scriptwriting, Samuel L. Jackson on acting and more. Learn at your own pace and do it online!

Ace your Audition – A great website to find free monologues for auditions or just to practice with.

These are just a few great tools you an use and I am sure there are many others! Feel free to get in touch with more suggestions. I would love to hear more ways I can keep learning and practicing my craft (:

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