Hi, I am Jennifer James creator of Double J Creative. Growing up I have always had a passion for storytelling, creating and performance. Even now as I am 22, my imagination still runs wild and I am passionate about bringing my ideas to the world through writing and film production.

I grew up in Austin, TX and at 17 moved to England to study Drama and Film at university. It has been an exciting journey to go from one country to the next, and while daunting at times, it has opened my eyes to so many opportunities and experiences that have shaped me into the creator I am today. I started out with only the focus of wanting to become an actress, but since university I have learned that I love the production side of things and actual am quite good at screenwriting. I live in London now pursuing my dream within the film industry and continue to learn as much as I can to be well rounded in my desired roles of production. (Screenwriting, Acting & Producing)

I have created this blog to express my creativity and to also invite other creatives to share their work in my featured Friday posts, as well as, share my love for Disney and the behind the scenes creativity that goes into their work ( I took Disney and Animated studies at uni) and creative tips and resources. I hope to grow my writing with this blog and inspire like-minded creatives to continue to exercise the imagination and produce inspiring pieces of work with the world.