How to Make a Short Film

Do you have an idea you’ve been dying to bring to life but don’t know how? Today, I am going to walk you through the process of how to make a short film.

Short films are typically 40 minutes or less. Ideally, the sweet spot is about 7-8 pages of script as short film festivals prefer shorter films but don’t let that stop you from making a longer one if you prefer! If you are just starting out, short films are a great place to start and build your portfolio. They are also great if you have a concept for a larger project, let’s say a feature film or TV series, but don’t have the capacity to film that big yet and would just like to film a “teaser.”

Whether you have a big budget, no budget or somewhere in between – the short film process will be the same. Do not let filmmaking intimidate you, but do educate yourself on all the pieces of the puzzle it takes to pull one off.

The Process

  1. The Script
  2. Budget & Breakdown
  3. Cast & Crew
  4. Preparation
  5. Filming Day
  6. Edit & Colouring

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I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions, drop them below!

I can’t wait to see all the amazing projects you make (:

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Boost your Productivity!

Has the long lockdown shot your productivity? Having a good morning routine can help!

If you are working at home, like me, you know how difficult it can be to separate work and home life. It can be so easy to wake up and turn straight to your phone or open up your laptop, but before you jump straight into all the chaos, having a good morning routine can set you up for the day and boost your productivity! Don’t let your schedule control you, but rather you control it.

Productivity isn’t always about how much we get done, but how well we do it. A morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day, and if you start it off by reading a negative news article it might linger with you and affect you more than you know. So instead of going straight to the phone, or getting straight to work, giving yourself just 30 minutes (or more) in the morning can give you the clarity you need for the rest of the day.

Here, I have outlined what my morning looks like. Everyone’s will look different, but I personally find waking up early allows me to get everything in (exercise, journaling, breakfast) before sitting down for a busy day of work.

Whatever you are working on (writing a script, practicing for your next self-tape, or working on the production side of things) do it with a clear, fresh mind!

Morning Routine

What is your morning routine?

Featured Friday: Sophie Bullock

Welcome back to Featured Friday!

I am excited to introduce 13-year old actress, Sophie Bullock.

Sophie Bullock

Sophie broke into the film industry in 2019 and ever since has been making strides in her acting career! She has already been awarded Best Child Actor and Best Young Actress Nominee at two different film festivals in 2020.

Lockdown has not slowed Sophie down either with filming a high school comedy series, Insanity, and plenty of other projects from short films to feature films. You can also listen to her interviewed by Hollywood star, Johnny Keatth on the ActorsPodcast.

See her Showreel below!


Sophie is represented by Hashtag Talent and you can find her links below!



I am thrilled to highlight such an up and coming talent! Be sure to check her out if you are casting soon.

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Grow Your Film Career with these 5 Books

Trying to make your break in the industry? Or maybe you are already in the industry but need a little extra knowledge to help you migrate to a new position? 

Here are my top books to start reading that can help! 

Over lockdown I found it very difficult that I had to stop doing what I loved, acting. But I also found it prime time to gain valuable insight on other roles I would like to potentially take on in the industry. I got really into Youtube videos, networking sessions through zoom and training courses, but nothing is like picking up a good book and having all the tips and advice at your figure tips to reference again and again. 

I’ve always struggled with the question “what exactly do I want to do?” Acting has always been a no-brainer, but it is also not reliable (never give up!). However, I don’t want to leave the film industry either because it is an industry I feel so passionately for. At university, I found that I really loved scriptwriting and also really great at pre-production. Some of these books I will mention below have really helped me understand each role and where I can apply my skills best. So, if you are struggling I highly recommend checking a few of them out to help you find the role you are most suited too. 

Top 5 Book Picks!

Producer to Producer – Thinking of becoming a producer one day, or are making your own films? This is a great manual to get you going! From pre-production, budgeting & finance, and distribution – this book has got it all! You can even get free downloadable templates. 

Digital Filmmaking Handbook – I got this book quite recently, and I am so glad I did! It is filled with so much information from equipment to use, creating a great script, pre-production step, film, and so on! I am one of those people that finds it so important to know everyone’s role in the industry, even if just at a basic level so that you can understand the film process more. As a producer, I’ve noticed this significantly helps.

Action! – There is an actress and a crew one of these books, so make sure you get the right one. Or if you are like me, get both! This is a very helpful guide to navigating your career in the film industry. A breakdown of each role, CV tips, looking for jobs, and what to expect when you are on set. 

Making Your Own Movie – I refer to this quite a lot and could be very useful to aspiring filmmakers, especially during COVID. Take 39 steps to creating your first film, which could be completely on your phone! Also, there are some helpful templates in the back of the book to refer to, as well as film suggestions. 

Poldark : The Complete Scripts : Recently I have been rewatching the Poldark series, and I am a sucker for period dramas. I was so excited when I saw they had a book with the complete scripts so that I could follow along as I watch the series to see the translation from script to screen. If Poldark isn’t your thing, I still highly recommending reading scripts. Whether that is from online download (check out Shore Scripts) or finding books like this one. 

These are just a few I have, but I am sure there are plenty more!! I am constantly on the lookout for more helpful books to add to my collection so if you have a suggestion drop it in the comments. ⤵️

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Featured Friday! Actor, Ellie Bindman

Welcome to Featured Friday! This week I am very excited to announce actress, Ellie Bindman.

I was fortunate enough to meet Ellie during lockdown on a networking zoom session and we have followed each other social media since. She is very talented and also a Tik Tok sensation! Ellie has been in Call of the Midwife, Casualty and Grantchester.

Check out my recent interview I had with her, here!

Ellie Bindman

Interview with Ellie Bindman

Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself – where are you from, what do you do, where do you live?

My name is Ellie Bindman, I am a professional actress and I have been working professionally since I was 10 years old, I live in England. 

How did you get into Acting? Is there any actor in particular that inspires you?

I kind of just fell into the Industry, I attended an open call audition for a feature film , just went along not expecting anything to come from it, and 11 years later here we are. I love Jodie Comer she is once of my favourite actress’s and she inspires me so much due to how incredible her versatility is.

Do you hope to do anything else in the film industry? (Direct, produce, write. etc.) 

I am also a writer, I have been working on our latest project ’Tell Me Why’ over the past few years, and I have enjoyed that whole process so much and viewing the industry from such a completely different perspective. I am excited to see what the future brings for ’Tell Me Why’.

You have got really big on Tik Tok, did you ever anticipate that? 

I have, I have managed to accumulate over 360,000 followers, which is honestly slightly mind blowing to me, I never expected it to happen, I started TikTok over lockdown 1 and just did it as an entertainment source for people and I wanted to create content to cheer people up and bring a smile to peoples faces in such a difficult time. So the fact I’ve been able to do that makes me so happy and thankful, and it’s leading me to some amazing opportunities which is very exciting, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.


Guys let’s all stick together, and keep doing what we can by staying home and protecting the NHS! Take care ❤️ #StayHomeSaveLives AD

♬ original sound – Ellie
Tik Tok Ellie Bindman

What have you got coming up in 2021?

A lot of very exciting things are in the pipeline and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead for me in this year, I take each day as it comes as my life can be so unpredictable working in this industry, you can never really plan anything, because you just don’t know what’s around the corner. But I am very much looking forward to the future of this year, not just for me but for everyone.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Do you see yourself still acting? 

I have no idea, as I said I can never plan or predict anything, as long as I am happy, and successful then I will be over the moon, yes 100% I will never give up this job, it’s the true source to keeping me going and happy, the joy this job brings me is unexplainable, and I feel eternally grateful to be able to be in my position, and have been blessed with the opportunities I’ve been given. 

Do you have any advice for young actors just starting out? 

If you want to be apart of this industry, you have to eat, sleep and breathe it, and you genuinely have to have a true passion and love for it, that has to be the stem and root of it, otherwise the constant rejection that this industry gives you will be too much for you, you also have to have so much resilience. 

Thank you so much Ellie for being apart of Featured Friday and sharing your advice, talent and ambitions for the future!

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St. Patrick’s Day Creative Activities

St. Patrick’s day is almost here and I’ve got some creative ways to help you celebrate! Whether you are an artist, photographer, foodie or just like to get crafty – creative ideas for everyone! 

For the Artist in You 

Get the paint ready, it’s time to get a little messy! This one is more for kids, but who doesn’t like embracing their inner child sometimes and just be fun for a bit? 

For the Instagram lovers

Spice up your social media with some seasonal content! One of my favourite instagram influencers at the moment is @madcrayy, not only because she is so creative in her posts, but because she takes inspiration from the time of the year and themes her posts – one of them being St. Patrick’s day! She has some great photo ideas to check out! 

For the Foodie’s in the World 

What better way to celebrate a holiday than with holiday themed food? One go to that never fails, sugar cookies! An easy, but still creative way to feel festive. Get some clover cookie cutters and green frosting, and voila! 

Sugar Cookie St. Patrick’s Day

But if you are more on the healthy side (like me) a fun smoothie bowl with colourful fruit on the top in a shape of a rainbow does nicely too. 

For the Crafty Person in You 

Personally, I love crafts, maybe because I’m not the best at drawing. Just give me some paper, scissors and any other supplies I can get my hands on and I could be crafting away for hours! 

DIY Shamrock clover string art sign decor! This activity is great for both adult and kids. 

These are just a few ideas to get you started and maybe give you some inspiration to get in the festive mood!

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New Launch! Double J is Back!

Double J Creative

Welcome back to Double J Creative, and if you are joining me for the first time then thank you for checking my site out! 

I am super excited to be relaunching my site and all the things I have planned coming up.  

What to expect: 

As you may know, Double J Creative is apart of my production company Double J Productions. My blog is about supporting creatives (featured Fridays), inspiring creative ideas and sharing tips/news in the film industry. 

If you are filmmaker, actor, artist, photographer or in the creative industry that has something to say or would like to share their talents – please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you and feature you in a post! You can check out my past features in earlier posts. 

I am all about inspiring creative ideas and learning new ways to do things. I don’t know about you, but in lockdown I have been constantly seeking new things to do and trying out new ideas. So if your imagination and creative flow has been a bit slow recently, I am here to help (: 

On my blog I will also have mini features for any exciting industry news and reviews I may have for recently release movies/tv shows. I will also sometimes feature what Double J Productions is up to, as this year is a very exciting year for new productions! 

Join Me! 

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I am excited to announce that Double J Creative will be getting some updates and a make-over. That means that posts will halt for a few weeks while the revamps to the website happen.

However, in the mean time please feel free to read any of my other blogs and I’d love to hear your input of what you’d like to hear of more in the future!

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Featured Friday! It’s All About YOU!

Welcome to my Featured Friday! If you have been with me from the start (which if you have thank you so much!) then you would know I love to invite people for interviews to share some love to their work and beautiful creations!

A few to check out on my blog!

These are just some of the brilliant creative in the tv and film industry that have been so kind to take the time and share with me their creations, skills and insight advice for anyone starting out in the industry – whether you are an actress, screenwriter, filmmaker, or anything involving creativity!

If you have a skill to share or would like to be featured, please get in touch. I like to hear from you at any stage of your career, so don’t be shy (:

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Stop Being Bored: Top 5 Things to Start Doing

Constantly staying in the same place for a while can start to make you feel you have nothing to do, but stop being bored!

Ask yourself – what is the one thing you have always wanted to do but never have had time for? Really think right down to the annoying jobs of cleaning out your computer files – okay that is not the most fun thing you can do, but if it needs to be done now is the best time to do it.

If you can’t think of any though, here are my top 5 activities for you to start doing that could keep you entertained and productive(:

  1. Currently I am enrolled in Club Life Design and have been upping my photo editing and video skills! You don’t have to be a photoshop pro or have an expensive camera to learn how to make amazing pictures, all you need is your phone! So why not start learning how to up your Instagram game?
  2. Frustrated you can’t go to the gym? There are loads of apps or youtube videos to help you get your workout motivation back and those new year goals on track.
  3. This is my absolute favourite. When I was younger I loved scrapbooking. I had so many stickers, paper memorabilia from plane tickets, ticket studs, etc. It’s a great way to reminisce on old memories and flick through them every now and again.
  4. If you are more into chill days, writing a list of films you’ve always wanted to see before but never have got round to is a good way to plan a movie night. Don’t forget the popcorn!
  5. All I can say is Pinterest the hell out your time.

I hope some of these activities have inspired you and do let me know what you get up to!