Physique : Why You Matter

Are you passionate about mental health and spreading awareness? Then this film is for you. Physique is about supporting mental health and the struggles young dancers have with body image and eating disorders.


We cannot do this without your help. Your donation is put towards providing jobs to crew + cast, transportation, choreography and locations to film at. But remember, you get perks in return and will have the opportunity to join in on the journey.


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If you are a company or organisation that would like to sponsor or donate a larger contribution you will have the opportunity to put your company logo in the credits , which may be beneficial when we make our film festival circuit all over the world.

We have an amazing crew and a producer who has credits recognisable on IMDB. So, if you have just 5 minutes please read through our crowdfund page and consider donating. Alternatively, if you would like to donate via Paypal you can do so here.

Indiegogo Page –

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Physique Short film

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Featured Friday : Elliot Grove

Welcome back to Featured Friday! I had a very exciting week filming for the Nightriders, some of you may be familiar with from a previous Featured Friday post. I just want to give a special thanks to all that helped out and made that wonderful project happen, I can’t wait to see it progress.

This week I am very excited to introduce Elliot Grove, founder of Raindance Film Festival and BIFA, as this weeks feature. I feel very honoured to have had the pleasure to talk to him and get to share our interview here. As you may know, Raindance Film Festival will be mainly online this year but don’t miss out on streaming some amazing films from 28 Oct. – 7 Nov. and some other events going on worth checking out.

Interview with Elliot Grove

Elliot Grove

What gravitated you towards the film industry, and how did you get your start? 
I am a farm boy from southern Ontario, Canada. I became fascinated by movies when my stick Protestant Amish parents told me that the devil lived in the movie theatre. One day (I was 16) I snuck into the Devil’s house in the small village near where we lived. One only had to pay 99 cent back in those days.I had no idea what a movie was. I was just told never to go to the movie theatre. I paid my money and walked into a large room – a bit like church. Chairs where lined up, facing the front. The curtains opened and the first face of the devil I saw was Lassie Comes Home. I cried like a baby and at the end I rushed up to the screen to see if I could feel the bark or the fur and it was all gone in a twinkling of the eye and I was totally hooked.
I ended up in art school in Toronto where my sculpture teacher got me a short stint with Henry Moore. I am a qualified technician in cine Perdue – list wax bronze casting – the ancient art of the Greeks. After that I got a BBC job s a stage hand and worked on many iconic British TV shows like Monty Python and Dr Who. I then moved back to Toronto in the late 70’s and worked for 9 yers as a scenic artist on many truly horrible movies – ones with words like ’Slime’ Gore” or ‘Massacre’ in the title.
I moved back to London and at a moment of a total low started the festival.

What inspired you to create Raindance Film Festival? 
It was really a thought experiment – can you make a movie with no money? No training? No real film experience? And people I knew like Edgar Wright, like Chris Nolan were all making films for next to nothing, with no training or NY experience. The festival was starts to celebrate their work, and very nearly filed due to the fact that Raindance was considered to be a disruptor by the establishment – and in many way still is.

Besides Covid, what has been your biggest challenges over the years to bring Raindance to what it is today?
I am often asked this question – and the answer is always the same ‘How do you create public awareness and appetite for the independent films we have at Raidance?’ No audience, no box office, no sponsorship and no money. We would have failed years ago hd it not been for the generosity of our patrons, or members, our filmmaker, and most importantly our audience.

What makes a good short film?  Take me to  world I already know and show me something new that makes me a better person, or, take me to a world I do not know and teach me something that makes me a better person.

What do you believe to be the pros and cons of holding the festival this year primarily online? 
Creating a new distribution model in the COVID era is an exciting creative opportunity where artistry, innovation and commerces compete for my attention 24/7

Do you have any advice for aspiring filmmakers, especially while trying to navigate the current climate of the industry? 
Its a terrific time to be breaking into the industry because all the big players have been stopped stone cold. And everyone is screaming for content. The opportunity is really quite simple: Make a film/web series/podcast/VR Immersive piece that is so bold fresh and original that no one else has thought of before, and thy will send the limos!

Thank you so much Elliot for joining me on Double-j-creative. To learn more about Raindance visit: for more information and the line up for this years festival!

Also, as some of you may know I recently launched a short film project supporting mental health the struggles young dancers face with body image and eating disorders. If you are interested to learn more or would like to support us and the film please visit our funding page :

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Featured Friday : Physique Short Film

Welcome to Featured Friday!

I am excited to announce a new short film I am currently producing! I have got a great crew coming together and cannot wait to see where it takes us all.

A little bit about Physique

Our choreographer, Clair Gleave, is a beautifully talented soul. Please check out her Youtube Channel and Choreography “Body Love”, which alines perfectly with this project.

The crowdfund for this project will be launching next week, but please visit the pre-launch page to sign up for new updates and a chance to support the project!

That is all for today, lovelies! I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and I look forward to all those following the journey of Phsyique.

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Featured Friday : The Nightriders Campaign

Welcome back to Featured Friday!

Today may seem a little familiar to last week’s feature, and if not, then be sure to check it out! Or here is a little summary: The Nightrider is a new TV series, created by award-winning director, Jane Sangers. An exciting period drama where a beautiful squire’s daughter is feared and captured by Barbary Pirates.

On Tuesday, 15 September, we launched our campaign and have already had amazing support! 20% towards our goal has been made in just four days. We are all so grateful, but still have a way to go and want you to get involved and join us on this journey!

The Nightriders Indiegogo Campaign Page

Why donate?

You are probably thinking right now is not the best time to donate because of COVID, and we all completely understand, but by donating you are helping the film and tv industry who have been tremendously effected and kickstarting production again. Also, with meeting our goal means being able to provide jobs for many unemployed film crew and actors at the moment. So if you are interested in aiding the film industry to get back on its feet, help get some jobs opportunities going again or simply just wanting to support an exciting television series make it’s way to your screen – then please donate. Plus, there are some exciting opportunities to get involved with production (:

The Perks of Donating

Of course no donation will go without a little giving back, and is why we set up a range of fabulous perks for you to choose from!

  • Shoutouts
  • A helping hand on reviewing audition tapes or scripts
  • Social media promotions
  • Singing lessons
  • History Podcasts
  • Half day on set
  • Showreel tapings
  • Life coach/counselling
  • Village extra/Pirate extra
  • Production Assistant

Most of these perks are at discounted prices, so don’t miss out!

If none of these perks suit your fancy, but still want to donate, you can do that too!

Check out my short video on how to donate and where to go. If you do donate, DM me on insta @double_j_creative or leave a comment on this post to be featured in a special shoutout addition next week!


Thank you again for your support, and we all look forward to welcoming you along this journey with us.

Be sure to check us out on facebook and twitter @nightridertv

For your chance to be featured get in touch!

Featured Friday : Jane Sanger’s NEW TV series The Nightrider

Welcome back to Featured Friday!

Today I am very excited to introduce to you, The Nightrider, a new TV series in the works, and will be launching a crowdfunding campaign next Tuesday, 15 September. With your help, and the money we raise, a teaser and poster will be created for the project to assist further development.

Jane is a Director and Writer at Lumino Films LTD, has won multiple awards for her short films, and is a women of many talents in the industry from casting, producing, writing and directing amongst various media platforms. Jane is the creator of The Nightrider series and has brought on seven associate producers, including me, to make this series come to life.

Associate Producers Leigh Trifari, Simon Edward Willshire, Gabriella Wheeler, Carlee Soeder, Skarlett V Breya, Jennifer James, Jane Hamlet

About The Nightriders Series

The Nightriders

* 8 part television adventure/drama series

“Little is known in contemporary times about The White Slave Trade, but it is a historical fact. This was carried out by the Sultans of Morocco for over 130 years til the Americans sailed to Rabat and freed the remaining slaves and overcame the Sultan.

Our story begins in 1714 as George I comes to the throne and Barbary Pirates were being sent by the Sultan Ismail Moulay to the south European Coast and particularly to Great Britain on the West Country , South Irish and South Welsh coasts to capture strong young men to build his palace and red head girls in particular for his hareem.

The story follows the plight of the Fellowes, a squires family living in the West Country, when one stormy night  their daughter Elizabeth, a red haired beauty and her brother John go missing as the Barbary Pirates attack, there can be only one dreadful conclusion. Lady Mary is forbidden to visit the local white witch, but she disobeys her husband. Esther tells her the children are still alive. Sir Richard goes to the Prime Minister to seek audience with the King to send ships to bring his beloved children and all the other slaves back. He is met with a brick wall.

Determined to do something, he and the other local squires meet and decide to fund the earliest known coastguard: The Nightriders, who will patrol and protect the coast from further attacks. Another stormy night a year later a lone Nightrider rides up to the Manor door and deposits a very wet and feverish young lady there and rides off before he can be questioned. Lady Mary takes her in and is shocked to see it’s her heavily pregnant daughter, her hair dyed brown from walnut juice. Elizabeth is struck dumb and so the story continues.”


More information

To find out more about the project, please visit our Facebook Page and give it a like to keep up with updates and to show your support. You can also find us on twitter @nightridertv.

Our campaign page will go live next Tuesday – 15 September – so be sure to keep your eye out.

I am thrilled to be apart of this project and to help it grow towards development, with Jane and the other associate producers I have been delighted meeting. Let’s get the film industry back on it’s feet!

Stay tuned for updates coming soon!