Here are just a few of my projects I am currently working on, plus a few in the beginning stages I will be updating soon(:

Physique: When a young dancer who suffers from the pressures of being on a new elite team turns into a case of Anorexia, she must find her strength and see that she is enough as she is.

We are currently crowdfunding to get the last pre-production costs. To support, please visit our campaign page –

The Frontier Myth: In 1869, a Native American gunslinger returns from the Civil War to find his sweetheart married to his best friend and needs to defend the defenceless frontier town from a notorious railroad gang.

Awakened Minds: When a woman attempting to experience alternate realities, mysteriously passes away, her family believes she’s alive and struggling to return to them from another dimension.

If you would like to help support any of these projects or want more information, please email me at

I am always looking for new investors or crew members that are passionate about bringing projects to life with me.

To purchase the Awakened Minds Ebook or my children’s book, visit the links below.

Awakened Minds paper back

Awakened Minds Ebook

Children’s book